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Party Etiquette

Your Guide to Planning the Perfect Party


  • Depends on the formality of the event.
  • Formal:
    • Usually printed through a card company.
    • Can also order online.
  • Informal:
    • Store-bought.
    • Hand-made, eye-catching, originals (they are more personal too).
    • Word-of-mouth.
  • Send out invitations three to five weeks before the event.
  • If the event is formal, send out five weeks ahead. This will aide the RSVP process.
  • If event is informal, three weeks ahead is sufficient.
  • In either case, call or send out reminder notices and get a head count of those whom will be in attendance.

Outside vs. Inside:
  • Outside:
    • Biggest concern is weather.
      • Consider the season.
      • You may want to have the event under a tent.
      • Or have a tent set up just in case bad weather rolls in. Especially for formal, once-in-a-lifetime events, such as a wedding.
      • With or without a tent, have tent for the food area or burn insect-repellant candles, such as citronella.
      • Remember, an outside event can be just as formal as an inside event.
      • Have an alternate plan in case it rains.
    • Biggest advantage:
      • The weather/scenery creates an ambience and is a large part of your decorations.
  • Inside:
    • Biggest disadvantage:
      • You must create the atmosphere of the party.
      • Plenty of decorations will be necessary, in most cases.
    • Biggest advantage:
      • Climate control.
Getting Help

Hire friends:
  • This will allow you to enjoy the party also.
  • It is best to hire friends for an intimate occasion, not formal.
Professional Help:
  • This will allow you to completely enjoy the party, but always keep an eye out to make sure things are going as planned.
  • Down side, it is expensive.
  • It is best to hire professional help for a formal affair.
How to Compensate:

If you hired friends:
  • A personal gift is a good method of compensation.
  • Great gift ideas such as; our Square Link Bracelet are available at
If you hired professional help:
  • You have already agreed to the compensation amount.

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